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Meet Doug Carver

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

by Michelle Boudreau

Doug has deep roots in Utah, born in Ogden, as were both of his parents, he was later raised in Salt Lake City. He is also deeply rooted to the United States military, bonding with his Father, watching World War II movies and growing up during the Vietnam war, a special memory for Doug while growing up is hunting with his Father, and his Father using a 30-06 riffle from his service in WW2. His father, Sergeant First Class, Glen Dean Carver, United States Army served during World War II and landed on the famed D-Day, which would later inspire Doug to enlist in the United States Army out of high-school.

Doug Carver enlisted, and started his military career as a Private, he quickly rose the ranks to Sergeant First Class, later his commission started in Officer Candidate School (OCS) he continued to rise in rank to Lieutenant Colonel, US ARMY Corps of ENGINEERS. Doug was offered the opportunity to continue his education and receive a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Virginia, and granted a “Release from Duty”. Upon leaving the military after twenty-one years of duty he returned home to Utah. Doug pursued his contractor license in Utah, the excessive office time required was less than ideal for this active high achiever. He was able to transfer numerous working hours and test to become a Master Licensed Electrician in Utah as well as sixteen states specializing in lighting, engineering, and medical surgical engineering. In the past thirty years Doug was niched through word of mouth as an expert in numerous lighting efficiency projects for governments, schools, and medical centers. He was asked in 2008 to design an Orthopedic Surgical Hospital, the business quickly expanded to several surgical centers, MRI centers, and dental offices.

After learning of his wife, Coryn’s heartbreaking health battle with Environmental Toxic Poisoning and her dire quest to heal and achieve optimal health, he had an unstoppable drive to help her. Along with Doug Carver’s accomplished background, it was a natural evolution to become the co-owner of the Woman & Veteran Owned Business, Elovation Hyperbarics & Wellness. Each wellness service offered has been extensively researched by Coryn and when presented to Doug he understood the science behind the components and contributions as to why each worked for wellness. This is a match made in heaven and their goal is share the experience and wellness with everyone. To experience the location built with passion and purpose, and spiritual guidance is magical. It all started with Justin Bieber, the catalyst for Doug to meet the love of his life Coryn Carver.


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