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The Untold Health Battle of Coryn

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

by Michelle Boudreau

Coryn would receive life altering news in 2012, after she was notified by the city about a controversial cover-up with a local company having a license to Thallium to make computer chips. The Thallium was seeping into the water where she lived, creating exposure to environmental toxic poising. Siting the state of emergency, she moved out of the house within thirty days. Unfortunately, she and her children had been exposed to the toxic poising for approximately six years. Suddenly she had answers to her families unexplained illnesses.

Coryn, her three children, and dog living at the home suffered greatly for years from illness and incurring numerous doctor visits, resulting in no apparent root cause at the time. Health challenges such as, gastrointestinal problems, bone deuteration, heart palpitations, hair loss, toenail loss, cognitive issues, and depression. The family health challenges still continue today. This news sent Coryn on the determined quest to find solutions and optimal health for her children, dog and herself!

After Coryn and Doug were married, she accompanied Doug to a neurological clinic that offered Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments, this sparked a curiosity in Coryn to learn more about HBOT. She was led to research the manufacture of the specific HBOT chamber the clinic offered. After extensive research, she discovered HBOT could help with the long list of health indications she and her family were experiencing, after trial treatments at the felicity, she quickly purchased a soft walled chamber. Coryn was passionate about creating a Wellness Center not just for herself, and her families need to heal, she also had a strong desire to help others.

Coryn started to get visions about what wellness and healing modalities would be added and offered in the center. She literally received visions and guidance in her dreams for every treatment currently offered at EHW. What captured Doug’s attention was his understanding of energy and how it works, having taught an electrical apprenticeship and electrical theories. He is proficient in how electricity works, and after seeing a medical brain graph, he recognized there were several similarities to electrical energy and how our brain works. This intrigued Doug as to how HBOT works, it made sense to him from a science and mathematical perspective. Doug and Coryn spent a great deal of time researching healing modalities together from the scientific aspect, and the visionary aspect.

The Wellness Center came to life, in 2018. The location is extremely special with floor to ceiling windows surrounded by the breath-taking views of the Wasatch mountains, you can feel the energy upon entering. Both, Coryn and Doug had decided to commit to this mission and all fell into place. This would not only help their family with the environmental toxic poising, it would also help the extended family with athletic injury’s and other health challenges, along with Coryn and Doug’s mission of helping others. This is where Science meets Vision and the birth of Elovation Hyperbarics & Wellness.


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