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Science Meets Vision

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When a Man Loves a Woman


It all started with Justin Bieber in 2012, Doug would fatefully meet Coryn. While dating, Coryn revealed she had been exposed to Environmental Toxic Poisoning at a house where she previously lived. Even though she looked so beautiful, internally she was very ill and battling bone deuteriation because of the poisoning among other diagnosis, and she needed a serious procedure. Doug said, well let’s take care of it! And that is exactly what he did!

The Untold Health Battle of Coryn


Coryn would receive life altering news in 2012, after she was notified by the city that Thallium was seeping into the water where she lived, creating exposure to environmental toxic poising. Siting the state of emergency, she moved out of the house within thirty days. Unfortunately, she and her children had been exposed to the toxic poising for approximately six years. Suddenly she had answers to her families unexplained illnesses.


After extensive research, she discovered HBOT could help with the long list of health indications she and her family were experiencing. Coryn was passionate about creating a Wellness Center not just for herself, and her families need to heal, she also had a strong desire to help others. This was the birth of Elovation Hyperbarics & Wellness.

We Are All Broken, However Not Disposable,
We Can Be Healed & Repurposed!

1 Hyperbaric-Elovation-Welcome-Door-Before.png
2 Hyperbaric-Elovation-Welcome-Door-After.png

A good majority of furniture, doors, and art in EHW are repurposed and reclaimed, Coryn’s vision and spiritual purpose for each item would supersede all logic to Doug. After seeing Coryn's visions come to life, Doug had faith in her direction.


Everything in Elovation Hyperbarics & Wellness was built with Passion and Purpose.

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