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Women & Veteran Owned


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Meet Coryn Carver

After years of detailed research for wellness modalities to gain her own health back, along with being driven by living a healthy, athletic life, and wanting the same for her family, Coryn Carver co-created a Woman & Veteran Owned Business with Elovation Hyperbarics & Wellness. Her goal is to share wellness with as many people as possible in a beautiful, peaceful environment created with a spiritual purpose.


Coryn’s business acumen stems from a 17-year invaluable tenure with The Walt Disney Company, Where Dreams Come True, and training from the prestigious Franklin Covey while in leadership roles for Disney. Also, as a corporate trainer for the Brazilian Blowout company in Hollywood, CA, her cosmetology license, with a strong chemistry and medical training would prove to benefit her currently as owner of Elovation Hyperbarics & Wellness.


Coryn Carver is currently a Certified Hyperbaric Technician with the International Board of Undersea Medicine (IBUM) for administering HBOT sessions. 


Meet Doug Carver

A United States Army Veteran, as Lieutenant Colonel, US ARMY Corps of ENGINEERS. Doug Carver received a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Virginia, and granted a “Release from Duty”.


Currently a Master Licensed Electrician in Utah as well as sixteen states specializing in lighting, engineering, and medical surgical engineering. In the past thirty years Doug was niched through word of mouth as an expert in numerous lighting efficiency projects for governments, schools, and medical centers. In 2008 he designed an Orthopedic Surgical Hospital, the business quickly expanded to several surgical centers, MRI centers, and dental offices.


Along with Doug Carver’s accomplished background, it was a natural evolution to become the co-owner of the Woman & Veteran Owned Business, Elovation Hyperbarics & Wellness. Each wellness service offered has been extensively researched by Coryn and when presented to Doug he understood the science behind the components and contributions as to why each worked for wellness. 


A Fearless Family History

In Gratitude of Family Veteran’s Service

Doug Carver, Lieutenant Colonel, US ARMY Corps of ENGINEERS

Glen Dean Carver, United States Army, WW2 (Doug’s Father)

John William Beagley, WWI (Coryn’s Grandfather)

William Gerald "Jerry" Beagley, United States Air Force, Vietnam (Coryn’s Father)

Orville "Billy" Beagley, WWII (Coryn’s Uncle)

John Laray Beagley, Korean War (Coryn’s Uncle)


The Carver Family

Blended Family Fitness & Athletics

After Doug & Coryn married in 2014, their blended family of 12 children, 5 boys, and 7 girls often enjoy the outdoors and participate in several athletic sports. Over the years the family experienced several injuries, broken bones, sprains, strains, pulled muscles, and inflammation. Some of the sports the family has participated in; Diving, Snow Skiing, Baseball, Softball, Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Snow Shoeing, Water Skiing, Sky Diving, Rock Climbing, and Mountain Biking. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid injuries, when this happens the first place of repair is Elovation Hyperbarics & Wellness! Offering several modalities for repair of injury and defense for optimal health allowing best performance for fitness and athletics.

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