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About Elovation Hyperbarics

Elovation Hyperbarics and Wellness is a Holistic Healing space located at the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. 


Our mission is to make you feel whole again. We aim to reignite your self-worth and give you back a life worth living. Elovation Hyperbarics and Wellness offers Clients the proven medical benefits of Hyperbarics in a spa-like, healing setting, merging medical practices and a nurturing environment, creating space for optimal healing.  

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Coryn Carver


Coryn Carver has spent the last few years following an inspired vision to create a safe haven for others to find peace and healing. After much time and research, she has brought together multiple treatments that will activate your body's ability to heal itself. 

Coryn is a Certified Technician with the International Board of Undersea Medicine. Her desire is to be able provide the resources for healing to those who are earnestly seeking it.


So much love, time, hard work and dedication has gone into creating this haven, by so many, you can feel it when you enter. Many of the items you will see in the center have been restored from a "broken" and damaged state. This symbolizes each one of us, as we are working to better ourselves everyday.


Tammi Sumsion


Tammi Sumsion has been involved with foot zoning since 2009 when her oldest son was diagnosed with Autism and she would take him in every week to a friend for a foot zone. Foot zoning is a holistic modality that uses acupressure points on the feet that are attached to our fascia, cells, systems and organs to help heal and balance our bodies physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually  The benefits of the foot zone on her Sons cognitive, attention, communication and sensory skills were amazing. In 2017 she spent the time to become a Certified Foot Zone Practitioner through Sure Footed Renewal to help her family, but neighbors and friends would seek her out to get their feet zoned so in 2018 she started her business, Bright-Sun Wellness, doing what she loves helping others heal. In 2019 she furthered her education by taking Advanced Foot Zone Classes through Wellness Life Zone. Having a love for the human body and medicine, Tammi earned a degree in Respiratory Therapy and currently holds a License as a Respiratory Therapist where she has worked in the hospital, home care and as a CPR and First Aid Instructor. She loves to teach others about health and the wonderful human body and how to be your best self where you are at today and how to continue being your best self. Tammi provides services in foot zoning, foot zoning classes, respiratory education, and CPR and First Aid instruction. 

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