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When a Man Loves a Woman

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

by Michelle Boudreau

It all started with Justin Bieber in 2012, when Doug Carver purchased a luxury suite to attend Utah Jazz events at the Delta Center in Utah for entertaining and business purposes, he had no idea it would change his life monumentally. He could also use the suite with 23 seats for concerts, as a suite owner you receive complimentary tickets to all concerts, and Justin Bieber had a sold-out scheduled performance coming up. Doug had a savvy business thought, he would sell the tickets and use the money to pay for the suite, however the tickets didn’t seem to sell after posting an ad. He was also on the Board of Directors for the University of Utah Hospital, he contacted the Children’s Primary Hospital and Shriners Hospital to donate the tickets to ill children.

While he was in process of donating the tickets, he received an email from a woman who said she can’t afford the tickets he had for sale, and she promised her daughter she would take her to the Justin Bieber concert. She asked if he knew of any other tickets at a better price, as a single mom I made a promise to my daughter and she said she would try to sell somethings to purchase the tickets, however not to wait for her if he could sell them she understood. It was Christmas time and hearing that a single mom was willing to sell somethings to keep a promise to her daughter touched his heart, he emailed her and said, you can just have the tickets. They arranged to meet for the tickets.

Coryn walked in and his heart stopped when he saw her. It would take some communication and time to have a first date in March of 2013. While dating, on many occasions they found themselves talking for hours sometimes until 3 a.m., in that time it was revealed that Coryn had been exposed to Environmental Toxic Poisoning at a house where she previously lived. Even though she looked so beautiful, internally she was very ill and battling bone deuteriation because of the poisoning among other diagnosis, and she needed a serious procedure. Doug said, well let’s take care of it! And that is exactly what he did! They were engaged April 2013 and married March 2014.


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